Ten Collective

Ten designers. One studio.

We are a group of ten designers currently participating in the full time graphic design masters course in LCC. Our shared love for design and determination to stand out from the crowd drew us together. We then decided to join forces and work collaboratively in a studio of our own. This is a blog of our work, thoughts and general ideas which we bounce around our studio on a daily basis. We hope you enjoy…

The Ten:

Sarah Boland: www.sarahboland.com

Emma Byrne: www.emma-byrne.com

Gemma Dinham:  www.gemmadinham.com

Becky Ford: www.becky-ford.com

Marina Francisco: www.marinafrancisco.com

Pelin Özer: http://www.pelinozer.co.uk

Polina Pakhomova: www.pplusp.co.uk

Elma Relihan: www.elmarelihan.com

Louise Ryberg: www.louiloui.dk

Gumrah Sengun: http://www.gumrahsengun.com

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