Barbara DeGenevieve: Steven X and Barbara C installation

These videos are nothing other than totally shocking in their subject matter but completely compelling none the less. A very bold and commendable move by an artist famed for her fearless approach to her work. I’ve posted it to my blog already but this womans work is so strong I felt it necessary to put it up on ours! She has also done some other really interesting work that should be looked at!

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2 Responses to Barbara DeGenevieve: Steven X and Barbara C installation

  1. 10collective says:

    Emma, are they videos? The links that you posted only show one picture.
    I couldn’t figure out what’s the project about! Can you upload it?
    Thanks, Marina x

    • 10collective says:

      Sorry honey, I didn’t see this comment till now. I can’t upload it. It was not working so I just included the link just above the image. If you copy and paste into the browser you can view both videos. You should take a look as it’s a very strong piece! Also when you get to page the two videos can be viewed through the Part 1 (him) Part 2 (her) buttons!

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