10 Collective win People’s Choice award!

Last week 4 members of 10 Collective (Becky Ford, Gemma Dinham, Elma Relihan and Louise Ryberg) took part in the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design’s latest 24-hour Inclusive Design Challenge organised by the Royal College of Art’s Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design.

There were 2 awards given out, one was the judges choice which was voted for by the 5 judges including Michael Wolff which went to The Collective. The People’s Choice award was voted for by the delegates attending the conference which were around 100 people.

The 24-hour Inclusive Design Challenge calls for designers to create a product, campaign or service to improve the lives of people with disabilities. We worked with our design partner Sally Booth, an inspirational woman who is a brilliant artist and also happens to be partially sited. We took detailed accounts of Sally’s difficulties with day to day life which often involved encounters with machine interfaces which weren’t designed for people with sight difficulties.

Our solution was to propose a communications system which would work with the existing chip and pin technology on your bank card. Any transaction involving money would require you to insert your bank card at the start, the system would then recognise you and the preferences you had chosen when you set up the service. This means people with sight difficulties like Sally can opt to have their interfaces with large, high-contrast type, people who are in a hurry can have their regular options as the first to show up and others can just have a more personalised and familiar customer experience. We called the service memo, as it would always remember you and created an identity which was bold, unique and easily recognisable. A system like this would empower people like Sally on an individual basis, as she wouldn’t need to ask anyone for help.

I think this experience proved to us what an amazing amount of work you can get done in 24 hours! The time pressure means you have to make decisions quickly and stick with them. It was a really inspirational experience working with Sally and looking at things that we usually take for granted from a different perspective. Overall it was intense but very rewarding.

Who knows maybe someday memo will be rolled out as a fully functional service!

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Pick me up 2011

So a few of the ten ladiez went along to see our mate Anthony Burrill take residency  in Somerset House Open Studio again in this year’s Pick Me Up. The overall general consensus afterwards was that it was very inspiring and that we would like to be exhibiting there in 2012. We will keep you posted on how that’s going for us ;)!

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10 Collective asked to join talk

10 Collective have been asked at last minute to join Ben Reece, Fraser Muggeridge, Johnanna Lundberg & Elin Svensson, and Elliott Hammer & James Allen, to Discuss the highs and lows of setting up a design business and being self-employed in 2011.

The talk curated by Sarah Temple will happen this Wednesday 23 March at LCC.


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Nico International

Myself and some of the 10 Collective girls went to a great magazine stall by Old Street station and picked up some great mags for a quid each! I got my hands on Nico International, a fashion and interview magazine and there were some gorgeous examples of paper twilling. It’s all very in keeping with the whole hand crafted trend that seems to have endless appeal.

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Sexy B&W Type

The simple form in which this poster takes makes me week at the knees. Check out more here.

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Design Week’s Hot 50 Graduates

We get our second mention in Design Week, whoop… bring on the shameless self promotion!


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this Studio is definitely on fire! Absolutely stunning letterpress…

Their latest letterpress machine prints to 21 x 28 inches, Wowzers! I want one… Check out more of their beautiful designs by clicking here.

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