10 Collective win People’s Choice award!

Last week 4 members of 10 Collective (Becky Ford, Gemma Dinham, Elma Relihan and Louise Ryberg) took part in the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design’s latest 24-hour Inclusive Design Challenge organised by the Royal College of Art’s Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design.

There were 2 awards given out, one was the judges choice which was voted for by the 5 judges including Michael Wolff which went to The Collective. The People’s Choice award was voted for by the delegates attending the conference which were around 100 people.

The 24-hour Inclusive Design Challenge calls for designers to create a product, campaign or service to improve the lives of people with disabilities. We worked with our design partner Sally Booth, an inspirational woman who is a brilliant artist and also happens to be partially sited. We took detailed accounts of Sally’s difficulties with day to day life which often involved encounters with machine interfaces which weren’t designed for people with sight difficulties.

Our solution was to propose a communications system which would work with the existing chip and pin technology on your bank card. Any transaction involving money would require you to insert your bank card at the start, the system would then recognise you and the preferences you had chosen when you set up the service. This means people with sight difficulties like Sally can opt to have their interfaces with large, high-contrast type, people who are in a hurry can have their regular options as the first to show up and others can just have a more personalised and familiar customer experience. We called the service memo, as it would always remember you and created an identity which was bold, unique and easily recognisable. A system like this would empower people like Sally on an individual basis, as she wouldn’t need to ask anyone for help.

I think this experience proved to us what an amazing amount of work you can get done in 24 hours! The time pressure means you have to make decisions quickly and stick with them. It was a really inspirational experience working with Sally and looking at things that we usually take for granted from a different perspective. Overall it was intense but very rewarding.

Who knows maybe someday memo will be rolled out as a fully functional service!

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Pick me up 2011

So a few of the ten ladiez went along to see our mate Anthony Burrill take residency  in Somerset House Open Studio again in this year’s Pick Me Up. The overall general consensus afterwards was that it was very inspiring and that we would like to be exhibiting there in 2012. We will keep you posted on how that’s going for us ;)!

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10 Collective asked to join talk

10 Collective have been asked at last minute to join Ben Reece, Fraser Muggeridge, Johnanna Lundberg & Elin Svensson, and Elliott Hammer & James Allen, to Discuss the highs and lows of setting up a design business and being self-employed in 2011.

The talk curated by Sarah Temple will happen this Wednesday 23 March at LCC.


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Nico International

Myself and some of the 10 Collective girls went to a great magazine stall by Old Street station and picked up some great mags for a quid each! I got my hands on Nico International, a fashion and interview magazine and there were some gorgeous examples of paper twilling. It’s all very in keeping with the whole hand crafted trend that seems to have endless appeal.

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Sexy B&W Type

The simple form in which this poster takes makes me week at the knees. Check out more here.

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Design Week’s Hot 50 Graduates

We get our second mention in Design Week, whoop… bring on the shameless self promotion!


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this Studio is definitely on fire! Absolutely stunning letterpress…

Their latest letterpress machine prints to 21 x 28 inches, Wowzers! I want one… Check out more of their beautiful designs by clicking here.

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Glorious Creative

I stumbled upon the website of Manchester based Glorious Creative this morning and what a great find it was. Beautiful, simple, intelligent and often typographically lead projects means they get a huge thumbs up from me!

Check out more of their work here: www.gloriouscreative.co.uk

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Absolutely fantastic research work and beautiful, effortless design from the Dutch. Click here to view their website, well worth a look.

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PA/Per View Art Book fair

Checked this out along with the Future Map 10 exhibition at the Zabludowicz Collection on Saturday. An amazing collection of artists books and managed to pick up a few freebies! Well worth to keep an eye out for another fair by these guys, click here to find out more about the artists.

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Experimental Video by Bruno Aveillan

very photograhpic and impressive video!

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Magazine designer’s guide

This entertaining piece is from stack magazine and is a very tongue in cheek guide to the magazine industry. Not having worked for a magazine before I can’t vouch for it’s accuracy but I’m sure there are a few home truths in there!


The full piece is available to download here: http://www.stackmagazines.com/blog/magazine-designer-guide/



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CCTV in the studio

I have just spotted the new revised website for Sagmeister. The home page is a big brother style webcam, in real time, filming the (very compact) studio.

I love this and what I love even more is that this was a concept we at 10 Collective discussed doing for our web on the lead up to our MA hand-in and then preparing for our exhibition. I so wish we had the technical expertise to have done this and pipped Mr Sagmeister to the post!

I think we should put bets on now to see how long it takes Stefan to strip off and begin walking around naked!


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The New Starbucks Logo

and watch the video here:


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“10 girls doing it” exhibition on NOW!

Our show “10 girls doing it” is now on at the Rag Factory (16 Heneage Street, Shoreditch, just off Brick Lane) Come by and see our work!
Show runs from
17-19 December

Opening hours
Friday 12:00 — 21:00
Saturday 10:00 — 21:00
Sunday 10:00 — 18:00

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Oona Design studio

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10 girls doing it

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Barbara Kruger in taking place at the temporary stedelijk

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“Linotype: The Film” Official Trailer

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Harry Pearce – D&AD president’s lecture

I’ve been into Harry Pearce’s work since seeing him talk about 3 years ago at the Design Museum as part of the Alan Fletcher retrospective. So being a massive fan of Mr Pearce I jumped at the chance to go see this lecture the other night, which turned out to be even more of a treat when THE Peter Gabriel joined him on stage to talk about their collective work for the charity Witness. (Check out the link at the bottom to see more on that). Pearce stated how he has worked for 18 years, completely free of charge on this project. This is great inspiration for us all I think, rather than just donating money to charities we should use our communication skills to further their appeals.

Witness is a very topical charity for us communicators as its main focus is on visual communication. It centers around the idea that we can capture the truth of events by filming and photographing them, we can all act as social commentators and by doing this we remove the spin and bias and get the truth out there. Just like the concept behind IndyMedia.

Amongst discussing his life’s work Pearce also brought up some other interesting points. He talked enthusiastically about collaboration, which seems to be a buzz word in the industry at the moment, and excites me very much. This is something we are exercising within this collective, especially in the run up to our show. It is great to see how the whole concept of ‘superstar’ graphic designer has been replaced by an understanding that we all have different strengths and if we build on this we can collectively achieve far better things TOGETHER.

I think most people left the lecture pleasently surprised by the way the talk veered off towards the spiritual when Pearce unleashed his inner Budda. His point was that nothing should be wasted, that every creative thought we have should be recorded for use at a later date including dreams. Infact he even admitted how influenced he was by his dreams, how he wakes up every morning and records them in his sketchbook and how the Anish Kapoor identity for the RA exhibition was completely conceived in a dream. Not sure how this all works with our modernist lead learnings about design process and appropriateness but it is very interesting to think about design from another angle. Perhaps we all need to open up our minds a little more and take inspiration from the subconscious… anyone for an LSD aided brainstorming session?

Check out the Design Week blog for Ms Relph-Knight’s take on the evening.


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Ride off the back of the Burrill

by James Hurst


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Evolving English – British Library

This is certainly a wordy exhibition but well worth checking out. As the title suggests it’s an exhibition tracking the evolution of the English language and showcases some fantastic books and comics. This includes the first printed book in English, The Recuyell of the Historyes of Troye translated from French and printed by William Caxton in 1473. There are also more modern additions to the exhibition including poetry by radical Allen Van Newkirk from 1967, there to showcase the growing linguistic confidence of the African American community (below) and even text message commandments.

I found Thomas Cranmer’s Book of Common Prayer 1549 really beautiful, shame the image didn’t come out well.

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Sasha Prood

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Sebastian Cremers

Extreme promotion possibly! To view Mr Cremers and more typographic posters click here

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Masashi Kawamura’s ‘T’ shirts

Masashi Kawamura has designed a range of ‘T’ shirts inspired by the silhouettes of five famous typefaces. Helvetica, Caslon, Baskerville, Courier and Cooper Black have been used as the inspiration for his designs, produced in collaboration with fashion designer Itaru Yonenaga…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Joachim Schmid

One more photo collage project from Joachim Schmid.

Photogenetic Drafts is a cluster of portraits (178 x 314 cm) consisting of 32 b/w prints (37 x 28 cm each). The prints were made from shredded negatives that were donated to The Institute for the Reprocessing of Used Photographs.

More works of Joachim Schmid : here

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Surrealistic Collages by JOHN STEZAKER

Fantastic Collages by John Stezaker’s!

Find more images: here

John Stezaker’s work re-examines the various relationships to the photographic image: as documentation of truth, purveyor of memory, and symbol of modern culture. In his collages, Stezaker appropriates images found in books, magazines, and postcards and uses them as ‘readymades’. Through his elegant juxtapositions, Stezaker adopts the content and contexts of the original images to convey his own witty and poignant meanings.

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Amazing project, amazing work! Operating against the backdrop of war and bleak prospects, the Skateistan charity project is the world’s first co-educational skateboarding school, where a team of international volunteers work with girls and boys between the ages of 5 and 17, an age group largely untouched by other aid programmes. Nine-minute documentary is sponsored by Diesel New Voices and Directed by Orlando Von Einsiedel.

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Making calligraphy contemporary is how best I would describe the work of Niels Shoe Meulman. He combines graffiti and calligraphy resulting in such beautiful pieces. Click here to see more.

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Enterprise week

A week full of great events to get you inspired and motivated. Just back from a talk by the Pothole Gardener and Elizabeth Hepworth about promoting your work. These talks are an invaluable source for recent graduates, showing that it is possible to go it alone or with like minded peers. If you have not heard about the Pothole Gardener then click here to check out his blog. And there are still plenty of events happening all week click here to book your place.

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